What To Inquire About Before Choosing A Chemical Supplier?

The existence of chemicals as an integral part of the global supply chain is required for it to be considered whole and functional. Manufacturers all over the world rely on chemical suppliers to be transparent, reliable, and compliant; the pressure on manufacturers to ensure that the chemicals they use are verifiable is growing each year.

As a result of this, it became essential for companies to choose the most suitable industrial chemical suppliers to fulfill their requirements for chemical raw materials. The following are some questions that every manufacturer ought to be asking the chemical firm that they work with to make sure that they are working with a dependable supplier.

What Are The Internal Quality Control Policies And Procedures?

The others are all answered in this query. For the sake of ensuring the quality of their products, every supplier of chemicals should follow at least one of their internal protocols, if not more. The broad internal governance program for reliable suppliers is built on the quality control principles specified in the ISO 9001 standard. Reputable suppliers must adhere to additional industry standards in addition to the system’s guiding principles to ensure that the facilities and people continue to perform at an incredibly high degree of quality (such as ACA, USP, and FCC, amongst others).

What Kind Of Assistance Can You Provide With The Compliance Process?

Compliance regulations enacted by various governmental organizations at the local, state, and federal levels place increasingly large burdens on manufacturing operations, which is exactly how it should be. If you choose the right chemical supplier, they should be able to alleviate some of that burden by providing you with continuous documentation, complete traceability, and chain-of-custody logistics. If the chemical company that supplies your operation leaves you responsible for the majority of the compliance work, it might be time to look into other options.

How Do You Verify Chemical Safety Before Delivery?

The importance of purity cannot be overstated, whether in terms of production or regulation. Laboratory-grade chemical products aren’t necessary for every manufacturing process, but the more extensive the production run, the more impact impurities can have on the final product. To determine the purity grades of chemicals before they leave possession, reputed supplier like Bisley International employs a wide range of well-established methods of analysis, such as inductively coupled plasma, ion chromatography, and laser diffraction, amongst many others.

What Are The Chances That You Do Not Stock The Chemical That I Require?

Working with a minimum number of chemical suppliers is one way for manufacturers to improve the efficiency of their internal logistics. Large and medium-sized chemical manufacturers have the distinct advantage of offering a wider inventory scope than smaller manufacturers. How long will it take to find the chemical you need if a supplier doesn’t already have it in stock? How do they go about making certain chemicals or compounds in-house, and what is their production process? Is there anyone on staff with a chemistry background who can assist with difficult requirements? All of these are important questions for manufacturers to have answered.


The company that provides you with chemicals ought to be able to respond to any of your questions based on their experience and/or their analysis. Your manufacturing process is only going to be as effective as the components it calls for, and the chemicals you use can have a significant impact on whether or not it will be completed on time, whether it will be cost-effective, and whether or not it will be safe to use.